Everyone is an artist. Everyone has a story to tell. Join recording artist, songwriter, and performer Jess Godwin as she leads you through a nine-video course designed to help reveal the artist inside you.

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Where Do I Fit?

This is THE existential question! When you’re wondering where you fit in this world, and what the point of this whole life is, your inner artist can be your best guide.

This course is not here to make you a professional artist. It is here to help you realize and connect to your creativity and then experience how that connection can transform your life.

Jess Godwin

Jess passionately believes that the most powerful songs out there have a “major lift” - a positive change in the music that inspires listeners to find strength and resilience in themselves. Over the years, Jess has helped over 40,000 students write their own “major lift” songs based on their own struggles, frustration, and even shame. Her unique and innovative approach to creativity encourages artists and non-artists alike to convert their pain into creative outlets, helping them to find their bravery in their vulnerability.

"For me creativity has always been about telling the truth. It has always been about uncovering truths in my life. I don’t make art for likes, shares, money, or relevancy. It is to share truths in hopes that others will feel those truths, too. Because the world is a scary place and the more of us that embrace the artistic and creative side of ourselves the better the world is going to be. 

-Jess Godwin


In this course you will learn through videos, downloadable materials, and fun exercises, the steps to unlock your inner artist so that you can connect more deeply with your truth and see that you are full of infinite creativity.




Jess takes you through the 6 steps to unlocking your inner artist. You will learn how free writing can help clear your mind and connect you to your truths, how authenticity is the key to transformation, and much more.


Jess will guide you through, step by step, one of the most exciting journey's you'll have. You will learn how to write a song and will be surprised by what is revealed and how much you have to share.


Jess guides you through vocal exercises that will break you out of your inhibitions and help you explore the power of your voice. You'll learn how this type of expression helps you tap into your creative spirit.


Jess will give you lots of practical tips to help you make authentic videos at home with the materials you have on hand. You will get to see a sampling of Jess' DIY videos and learn about the behind-the-scenes!


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